Time flies!

By december 3, 2017 Fashion

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a new blog. I took a break and chose to spend more time with my family, Chloe is growing up way to fast and asks for more attention these days. So with my little girl, a job and now the second on the way I had to take some time for myself and my family.

I missed blogging though and today is a good day, the sun is shining, I’m feeling well again and my daughter and boyfriend are taking a nap so I thought why not start blogging again. Read More

Spring vibes

By april 6, 2017 Fashion

Hey guys are you feeling the Spring vibes yet? I definitely did today, it was such great weather. The sun was shining and I could even go outside without having to put a jacket on.

In the morning I took a little stroll with Chloe, she is now at that age that she wants to go outside to play all time so I’m very happy when the weather is great. Happy Chloe is happy me!

After the stroll I had some time to take some snapshots of this outfit, I am obsessed Read More

Button it up!

By januari 9, 2017 Fashion



Happy Tuesday everyone! In the previous post I already showed you guys the studded boots I got from Elisestore, and as told today I’m showing you guys the coat. I really love this piece, it reminds me of the Balmain coat but with a touch of louboutin because  of the red collar. There are so many ways to style this chic item. Read More

Back in town!

By januari 5, 2017 Fashion

Hey guys! it’s been a while, I was on a little mommybreak. November and December has been hectic months for me, I started a new job and besides that Chloe, my little one has been asking for a lot of attention. She is going through a new fase I think. She wants mommy all day and everything is NO! is this childpuberty? I think it comes close haha.

Anyway it’s a new month and a new year so let’s start fresh with a good old outfitpost. Last week I received a package from Elisestore, a dutch webshop with lots of great fashion and home musthaves. Read More

Urban Decay full spectrum review

By november 14, 2016 beauty

urban decay full spectrum

ENG|About a week ago I received this palette from Urban Decay. The full spectrum palette, a limited-edition eye shadow palette with 21 colors, from bold bright to a matte white. Urban Decay released a spectrum palette before but with this one they are taking it to the next level but is this limited palette a real must have? let’s find out shall we?

NL|Ongeveer een week geleden heb ik een oogschaduw palette van Urban Decay binnengekregen. De Full Spectrum palette, een limited edition met 21 kleuren van felle kleurtjes tot een mat wit. Urban Decay bracht al eerder een Spectrum palette uit maar met deze nemen ze het toch weer naar de volgende level. Is deze palette een echte musthave? let’s find out shall we? Read More

Urban Decay- Naked ultimate basics all matte palette review

By oktober 2, 2016 beauty

UD ultimate basics eyeshadow palette

ENG|So who wants to get naked with me?Just Kidding, I’m talking about the new Urban Decay Naked ultimate basics eye shadow palette. How freaking amazing is it, finally Urban Decay releases a palette with 12 matte colors only. Every single color in this palette is not only new but also exclusive to this palette therefor it’s different from the shades in Naked basics and Naked2 basics. Is this palette worth it? Let’s find out shall we!

NL|Oke let’s get naked?!just kidding! ik heb het over de nieuwe Urban Decay Naked ultimate basics eye shadow palette. Hoe gaaf is het dat Urban Decay eindelijk een palette heeft uitgebracht met alleen matte kleuren, dit trouwens na vele vele verzoeken van de Urban decay junkies. De palette heeft 12 matte kleuren en elke kleur is nieuw, anders dus dan de kleuren in Naked basics and Naked2 basics. Is deze palette de moeite waard? let’s find out shall we!

Read More

Timeless Jord Woodwatch

By augustus 28, 2016 Fashion


ENG|Hi sweeties! A while ago I received this beautiful watch by Woodwatches and today it was about time to show you guys this amazing timepiece because it’s not just an ordinary watch. It’s made out of wood and besides that all timepieces are handcrafted therefor each one of them is unique. I love it so much!

NL|Een tijdje geleden heb ik een supertof horloge ontvangen van Woodwatches en vandaag wil ik jullie laten zien welke dat is en waarom ik hem zo tof vind. Ten eerste hij is gemaakt van hout, dat vond ik zo gaaf want dat heb ik zelf nog nooit eerder gezien. Ten tweede, elk horloge is handgemaakt en daarom ook uniek! Read More

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