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If I was a boy…..

By december 7, 2014 Fashion


ENG| If I was a boy….I obviously wouldn’t wear these killer heels Lol. Today’s post is called ‘If I was a boy’ because I’m wearing my boyfriend jeans and I borrowed my boyfriend’s blouse for a loose fit comfy look. Read More

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By november 11, 2014 Fashion


ENG|During my search for a nice and bit oversized jumper I came across this pretty check printed one. I love the color combination and the length of the sweater, It covers your behind:P this way you can choose to pair it with leggings or pants.  I myself am Read More

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My favorite H&M SALE items

By november 5, 2014 Fashion

sale items

ENG| SALE! Always spelled in capital letters and an exclamation mark with the intention to let you buy a lot of stuff. Well I guess you all know what it does to you. Everytime when I walk by a store and I see the word SALE, It’s like the clothes calling buy me, buy me!LOL. Not only when I pass by the stores but also online . And because I work fulltime I haven’t got much time to go shopping so Read More

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Item of the week- Khaki knit sweater dress

By september 29, 2014 Fashion


ENG| A fresh new month starts on wednesday and you know what that means… a new ”Item of the week”! octobre starts in the middle of week but I wanted to show you guys ”the item of the week” allready. Read More

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Biker trenchcoat

By september 27, 2014 Fashion


ENG| Hey you guys, Did you get your Fall jacket yet? well I got mine already, well one of them:), I like to vary and wear different ones. The jacket I’m wearing is a biker trench coat, You’ve already seen it in one of my fall inspiration posts. I love Read More

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Fashion challenge- Budget shopping winter/fall outfit

By september 22, 2014 Fashion



ENG|It’s time for a new challenge! I was asked by Fashionscene&actiepagina.nl to compete in a challenge where I have to put together an entire fall/winter outfit with a 150 euro budget. Read More

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Modern school girl

By september 11, 2014 Fashion

school girl

ENG| Today was a skirt kinda day, luckily it’s still possible now and then with the lovely after summer weather in Holland. My outfit was season mixed and by that I mean Read More

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