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Spring vibes

By april 6, 2017 Fashion

Hey guys are you feeling the Spring vibes yet? I definitely did today, it was such great weather. The sun was shining and I could even go outside without having to put a jacket on.

In the morning I took a little stroll with Chloe, she is now at that age that she wants to go outside to play all time so I’m very happy when the weather is great. Happy Chloe is happy me!

After the stroll I had some time to take some snapshots of this outfit, I am obsessed Read More

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How to dye blonde hair extensions to ash blonde

By mei 18, 2016 beauty

ash blonde luxuryforprincess

ENG|Two weeks ago I dyed my hair again. Because the Summer is coming I wanted to go blonder, the color turned out exactly how I wanted it to be, light ash blonde.

Some of you know I often wear hairextensions by Luxuryforprincess, because I dyed my hair I needed a new set of hairextensions. Luckily I received a new set this week which I’m so very happy with but unfortunately the color didn’t match my hair. I’ve received the 320 grams set in the color butterscotch blonde, it’s a lot warmer then my haircolor so I had to dye it to ash blonde to match my hair.  Today I will show you guys how I did that, keep on reading if you’re curious how I got this beautiful ash blonde color.

NL|Twee weken geleden heb ik mijn haren weer geverfd. Omdat de zomer eraan komt wilde ik nog lichter gaan. De kleur is echt precies zoals ik het wilde, licht asblond.

Sommigen van jullie weten dat ik vaak haarextensions draag van Luxuryforprincess, omdat mijn haar nu een stuk  lichter is matcht mijn oude extensions niet meer, gelukkig kreeg ik deze week een nieuwe set binnen. De 320 gram set in de kleur butterscotch blonde. Alhoewel ik er echt superblij mee ben matcht het helaas niet met mijn eigen haar, het is namelijk een stuk warmer, dus moest ik de extensions verven. Vandaag laat ik jullie zien hoe ik dat heb gedaan, als je benieuwd bent hoe ik dat heb gedaan blijf dan lezen…. Read More

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New Luxuryforprincess packaging

By maart 31, 2016 beauty


ENG|Hey girls! If you’re following me on Instagram (@lethellecom) you probably know I wear hairextensions by Luxuryforprincess. I’ve been using it quite some time now and I’m still very satisfied with the quality. They’re so thick, smooth and it doesn’t tangle easily.

About a week ago they send me a new set, the 320 grams in the color lightbrown #8. Usually they come in a simple plastic packaging but since a few days they’ve launched a new packaging and I must say they have improved themselves! It’s such a cute box that’s why I wanted to give you guys a peek. Read More

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Luxuryforprincess luxury 5-in-1 curler

By oktober 10, 2015 beauty

luxury curler

ENG|Happy Saturday everyone! This weekend started great for me because look what came in yesterday, The luxury curler 5-in-1 curling wand by Luxuryforprincess! I wanted to give you guys a peek into this luxurious box, the review will be up very soon. The gold and black colorcombo gives it definitely a luxurious look, As you can see it has 5 interchangeable barrels and not like the most curlers it’s made from 100% titanium that allows frizz free long lasting curls with an unbeatable shine. Well I’m very excited to try it out, are you excited as well? Stay tuned and read more about this curler wand in my review. Can’t wait for the review? you can purchase it now on the Luxuryforprincess website and I also have great news because with my special discountcode ”THOYA15” you can get €15 discount. Have a nice weekend guys!

NL|Happy Saturday iedereen! Dit weekend begon goed voor mij want kijk wat er gisteren is binnengekomen. De luxury curler 5-in-1 curler wand van Luxuryforprincess! Ik wilde jullie ff snel een kijkje laten nemen in deze luxueuze box. De kleurencombo van goud en zwart geven het zeker een luxueuze uitstraling en zoals je kunt zien heeft het 5 verschillende opzetstukken. De 5-in-1 curler is gemaakt van  Read More

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Review Luxuryforprincess hairextensions 280 grams set

By januari 26, 2015 beauty


ENG| Hi sweets! Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Today it’s all about my love for hairextensions. For those who’s been following me on Instagram or here on the blog know that I’m obsessed with my luxuryforprincess extensions. I’ve been wearing it now for longer then a year and stangely I never did a review about it so I thought it was about time ! Read More

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Luxuryforprincess photoshoot|End results

By november 23, 2014 beauty, lifestyle


ENG|Yeah! A few days ago I’ve received the official photo’s from the first photo shoot I did with Luxuryforprincess about a month ago. I was planning to post this Friday but I was having some problems with my website, so sorry for waiting guys. Read More

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Luxuryforprincess Christmas photoshoot

By november 17, 2014 beauty


ENG|Jingle bells, Jingle bells Jingle all the way… can you guess what the theme was of yesterday’s photoshoot ? Read More

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