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Jogging around

By februari 16, 2015 Fashion


ENG| Happy Monday everyone! how was your weekend? I spend the weekend mostly with family and my boyfriend. That’s what all my weekends look like nowadays, especially since it’s still cold and the weather is not so great here in Holland. But we’re quickly approaching spring and I must say I can’t wait! Yesterday the weather wasn’t actually that bad so I hit the city with my bestie and her boyfriend. My boyfriend stayed at home because he was sick, poor him. We did a little bit of shopping and ended up eating Belgium fries, so yummie! You should really try it when you ever get the chance. Read More

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Item of the month| 2x oversized aviator jacket

By december 1, 2014 Fashion


ENG| Hey everyone, hope you guys had a great weekend. The weekend went by so fast I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday Lol. Not only weekends go by so fast but even months. Today it’s already December and before you know it, we’re entering 2015. well since we’re starting a new month I’m going to show you guys two different looks with one new item. Read More

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Burgundy coat

By november 25, 2014 Fashion


ENG|So last week I went for a little shopping spree in Amsterdam with my bestie. I had a couple things on my wishlist I wanted to shop for. On top of my list was a Burgundy coat and I guess it was my lucky day because Read More

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Camo chic

By augustus 26, 2014 Fashion


ENG| Today it looks like I’m on a mission,  I’m talking about my Camo top I just bought at the forever21 store the other day. I don’t often wear a boxed tank top because it makes me look buff and my arms will look huge in it, but luckily with this one I don’t seem to have this problem. Read More

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Bringing bomber back

By augustus 23, 2014 Fashion


ENG| Remember the old school original bomber jacket? well  guess what….it’s back! I got my hands on this one with the orange inside just like in the good old days.  With this bomber you can create different versatile looks. Read More

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Item of the week- Marble pencil skirt #3

By augustus 10, 2014 Fashion


ENG] Today I wanna show you guys the last look of this month’s ”item of the week”. In case you missed out, it’s the marble printed pencil skirt I bought on sale at Zara. The first two looks were both chic and the last look Read More

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Little black A-line dress

By augustus 9, 2014 Fashion


ENG] Hi guys! Today I wanted to do a special outfit post before I show you guys the last look of  this month’s ” item of the week”.  The outfit I’m wearing in this post is put together to compete in a blogger battle by Followfashion, a fashion platform. I’m competing against two other fashion bloggers, So exciting! So for the first battle Read More

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